Appcon 3000 USB Bike Charger


NC-17 in Frechen, Germany designed the Appcon 3000, which is both an AC to DC converter and a 3000 mAh power supply. It can be charged from a wall outlet using a USB converter, or it can be charged from a hub dynamo such as the SON from Wilfried Schmidt. The Appcon can be placed inside the steerer tube of most modern bicycles, mounted to the frame, or kept in a handlebar bag or pannier. The output is by a USB A female connector. The Appcon 3000 can output to your mobile phone or GPS while you ride, and simultaneously be charged by your hub dynamo. Apps for iPhone and Android are freely available to monitor its status. Since when charging the Appcon from a hub dynamo, you should want all of the power from the dynamo available for the Appcon, be sure to switch off your dynamo lights.


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Article 4067
Function: USB charging system from the hub dynamo housing
Material: Aluminum
Effectiveness: min. 92 % and more
Protection: Waterproof to IP67
Input 1: Hub Dynamo 6V / 3W
Input 2: DC USB up to 5V 1A
Output: DC up to 5V 2A
Capacity: 3,000 mAh@3.7 V (Li-Ion)
Powerbank function: included
Battery Controller/ Protector: e.g. level indicator in % (+/- 2%)
manual “wake-up” function: can be switched on via magnet when in power saving mode
Hyper-sleep mode: Auto Mode to protect the battery
Battery replaceable: by NC-17
Sensors (*external): Speed, (*Altimeter, * temperature)
Status indicator Battery level: RGB (3 color) LED
Firmware Update: Easy via APPCON GT App
Dimension / weight: ø 22 mm, length 157 mm, weight 102 g
Color: black / laser engraved
with head tube mounting: removable without tools
Separable: removable plug-in connection
External plugs: flexible fixation
Dynamo connection: Shimano plug, Son plug
Bluetooth: from 4.0 (optimized and reduced range)
APPCON GT App: Full-fledged bike computer and more
Operating system: IOS from 11.0 and Android from 4.3

Bluetooth 4.0
Various sensors available (cadence, heart rate…)


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